Application Views

A set of views is provided to let users handle application instances without accessing Django Admin Site. Application views are listed at the url applications/ and you can register a new one at the url applications/register. You can override default templates located in templates/oauth2_provider folder and provide a custom layout. Every view provides access only to data belonging to the logged in user who performs the request.

class oauth2_provider.views.application.ApplicationDelete(**kwargs)

View used to delete an application owned by the request.user

class oauth2_provider.views.application.ApplicationDetail(**kwargs)

Detail view for an application instance owned by the request.user

class oauth2_provider.views.application.ApplicationList(**kwargs)

List view for all the applications owned by the request.user

class oauth2_provider.views.application.ApplicationOwnerIsUserMixin

This mixin is used to provide an Application queryset filtered by the current request.user.

class oauth2_provider.views.application.ApplicationRegistration(**kwargs)

View used to register a new Application for the request.user


Returns the form class for the application model

class oauth2_provider.views.application.ApplicationUpdate(**kwargs)

View used to update an application owned by the request.user