Granted Tokens Views

A set of views is provided to let users handle tokens that have been granted to them, without needing to accessing Django Admin Site. Every view provides access only to the tokens that have been granted to the user performing the request.

Granted Token views are listed at the url authorized_tokens/.

For each granted token there is a delete view that allows you to delete such token. You can override default templates authorized-tokens.html for the list view and authorized-token-delete.html for the delete view; they are located inside templates/oauth2_provider folder.

class oauth2_provider.views.token.AuthorizedTokenDeleteView(**kwargs)

View for revoking a specific token


alias of AccessToken

class oauth2_provider.views.token.AuthorizedTokensListView(**kwargs)

Show a page where the current logged-in user can see his tokens so they can revoke them


Show only user’s tokens


alias of AccessToken