Management commands

Django OAuth Toolkit exposes some useful management commands that can be run via shell or by other means (eg: cron)


The cleartokens management command allows the user to remove those refresh tokens whose lifetime is greater than the amount specified by REFRESH_TOKEN_EXPIRE_SECONDS settings. It is important that this command is run regularly (eg: via cron) to avoid cluttering the database with expired refresh tokens.

If cleartokens runs daily the maximum delay before a refresh token is removed is REFRESH_TOKEN_EXPIRE_SECONDS + 1 day. This is normally not a problem since refresh tokens are long lived.

To prevent the CPU and RAM high peaks during deletion process use CLEAR_EXPIRED_TOKENS_BATCH_SIZE and CLEAR_EXPIRED_TOKENS_BATCH_INTERVAL settings to adjust the process speed.

Note: Refresh tokens need to expire before AccessTokens can be removed from the database. Using cleartokens without REFRESH_TOKEN_EXPIRE_SECONDS has limited effect.